Managing Risk

"Immaculate transactions" cover exceptional risks in hours.

Guy Carpenter places over $1.6 billion in facultative reinsurance, tapping global markets to find the most comprehensive and competitive terms for our clients. We are the industry leader in automatic and semiautomatic programs that enable clients to address individual risks with precision — while keeping operating tempos high and costs low.

Speed. Expertise. Superior relationships. Automatic and semiautomatic reinsurance structures for property and casualty help Guy Carpenter clients make the most of opportunities, improve capital management and advance underwriting strategies. These programs deliver more cost-effective risk transfer solutions than some treaty risk transfer products, while providing additional limits and/or modifying attachment points. They integrate seamless and efficient reinsurance risk cessions, accounting and processing functions. Clients are able to carve out a segment of exposure to enhance treaty placement: an Auto Carve Out, for example, or Property "RMS 11" exposures.

Sophisticated solutions. In addition to market access, Guy Carpenter clients benefit from deeply specialized expertise in virtually every area of insurable risk: from trucks in Indonesia to petroleum facilities in Latin America, or a fleet of leased aircraft. Whatever your reinsurance challenge, GC Fac® can provide the sophistication you need with the simplicity of monthly reporting.



    • Utilities
    • On-Shore
    • Off-Shore
    • Terrorism
    • Renewable

    • Terrorism
    • Civil Works
    • Engineering
    • Construction Liability
    • Advance Loss of Profits
    • Contractors Plant & Equipment

    • Terrorism
    • Municipalities
    • Infrastructure
    • Commercial Property
    • Heavy & Process Industry

    • Terrorism
    • Product Recall
    • General Liability
    • Product Liability

    • Medmal
    • Bloodstock
    • Agroculture
    • Contingency
    • Personal Accident
    • Directors & Officers
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Financial & Commercial Crime

    • P & I
    • Hull
    • Cargo
    • Liability
    • Fine Arts
    • Aquaculture

Why choose facultative reinsurance?

  • Unfamiliar class of business
  • Unfamiliar geography
  • Exceptional hazard
  • Need for additional limits
  • Looking for better pricing

GC FAC® can help you with:

GC FacExchange
In the U.S., GC FacExchange radically accelerates placement. Most risks can now be ceded to a standing facility, bound within 48 hours, and reported in a monthly bordereau: one call, one report, one bill, and one-stop claims tracking. Guy Carpenter aggregates and analyzes all client data affording our clients with reinsurance rate analysis, reinsurer limits profiles and claims reconciliation.

Binding Authorities
We provide access to proportional and non-proportional facilities and lineslips encompassing accident and health products, special contingencies and contingency products. 

Captive Reinsurance
Guy Carpenter's global expertise helps clients succeed with Alternative Risk Transfer, Association/Group Captive, Single Parent Models and other platforms.

Wholesale Broking
As a fully licensed Wholesale Broker, GC FAC® develops innovative risk transfer solutions utilizing the Excess & Surplus Lines marketplace.

Program Manager and Managing General Agency Solutions
We bring new program opportunities to existing treaty clients and prospects, and assist in developing carrier/ program relationships.

Product Line Expertise
GC FAC® draws on the industry’s most respected experts in off-shore, financial lines, construction, sports liability, marine, aviation, agriculture, life & health and other specialized disciplines that can create more value for our clients. Our model is focused around speed, superior relationships and expertise.